Nenech sebou zametat! visited Poland

Finally! Project “Nenech sebou zametat!” (‘Do not let them mess with you!’) showed up with all its glory in Poland! There is a lot to say, so let’s begin!
In the last (but not least!) weekend of March 2014 Polish and Czech teams had the opportunity to meet again for the seminar. This time in Poznań, Poland.
After meeting in Prague, Polish group had to face really big challenge – make a workshop about the European Convention on the Excercise of Children’s Rights, Bullying and Cyberbullying in Poland. We had all we needed to do it: the knowledge gained during meeting in Czech Republic (September 2013) and materials for trainers to help get to know the topics. We have got also tips from our Czech partners how to run a workshops with children. During that seminar in Czech Republic we also prepared unique questionnaireaddressed to children in Poland and Czech Republic. Which helps us to find commons and differences of experience with bullying and cyberbullying which Youth has in our countries and if the children know where to go for help in case of something wrong happened.
After months of work with Youth we could finally met in person with our partners. During first evening we couldn’t stop talking about past few months. On Friday whole group started working on the project and a new idea came up. Tomas (coordinator of the project) asked us if we would like to make an adaptation project in Poland! To get funds and coordinate that idea next year. Everybody was excited about this and we started planning next actions towards turn it to reality.
Poznań enchanted us with its beauty. On Saturday we visited the heart of Old Town – Old Market Square. In the middle of square we saw the Old Town Hall, which is one of Poznan’s best-known sights builded in the 13th century. Also our group didn’t want to be late and punctually at noon, when the clock chimes, see a pair of goats which hit by their horns. The goats were a part of the town hall early in its history but have not been consistently present, having been restored to the structure at the start of the 20th century.
Our Czech friends might have seen also the Imperial Castle and visited National Museum Gallery of Art and Sculpture built in 1904 features mainly collections of Western European paintings, including early 19th century Netherlandic, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, German and ofcourse Polish works. We also have seen collection of Spanish paintings, including works by Francisco Zurbaran, Diego Velasquez and Jose de Ribera.
During the afternoon Karolina (girl from polish team) presented the way how we are running workshops in Poland. It was quite fun for all of us because we had to entered in the role of pupils! ☺ Everybody was also surprised by gadgets (sweets, pencils, labels, leaflets etc.) brought by Czech participants. That’s really awesome that we can promote our project with that kind of stuff.
During meeting we also discussed the third part of project, which will happened in few weeks in Prague. In that phase of project will happenedthree very important things: Final Conference with Czech Youth, evaluation of project and we will compare results of the questionnaire, that was implemented during workshops at schools in Poland and Czech Republic.
But our project is not only work. We didn’t forget to have fun and we went to the polish club 😉 On Sunday unfortunately meeting was coming to the end. But we’re also aware of big event waiting for us just in a few weeks!
Meeting in Poland showed us that we have seriously big potential to make a great things, improve educational system in our motherlands and that if we really get harder, nothing is impossible.

Agnieszka Strzyżyńska