Final conference of our project

Final Conference of the Czech project “Don’t let them mess with you!” took place on Monday, April 28, 2014 in the Chamber of Deputies in Prague. Project was made in cooperation with Poland for the last year. Leading theme was comparing results of the questionnaire, which was implemented during workshops in Poland and Czech Republic.

The Conference brought together policymakers, lawman, policeman, security experts on the Internet and young people, who participated in the project to explore how bullying and cyberbullying affects people in young age and to share the latest research on strategies and solutions to help reduce the prevalence and impact of bullying. The whole event was leading and moderating by Ondřej Mocek.

We, as the Polish group, was delighted with big scale, the preparation of event and invited guests. Our Czech colleagues provided us interpreter – (name), who perfectly fulfilled her task ☺

At the beginning Markéta Adamová welcomed everyone. Furthermore Renata Křížková described project (steps, previous outcomes and involved people) “Don’t let them mess with you” and soon Anna Gawrońska introduced a Polish project and international cooperation. And here the surprise was waiting for us – participants of the conference. Ania and Tomáš Botlík (the coordinator of project) presented outcomes of questionnaire not in their mother languages! They exchanged roles with each other’s, which was very funny! And I need to admit that they did it perfectly!

After that a short pause wad made and everybody could grab some snack and drink coffee or tea. During the second break we had an opportunity to have some delicious lunch.

A panel discussion was planned as the second part of the Conference. Speakers involved: Zuzana Brotánková of organizations communicate, Tereza Zadražilová from the National Center for Safer Internet, Lucie Ambrožová of Project Impact of Relationship, Roman Máca – project manager OPVK as col., Lukáš Habich of Police of the Czech Republic, a member of the electronic security. A lot of questions had Czech youth, especially in the area of Internet. Luckily prelegents gave an pleasant answers, I hope ☺.

The third part of the event was included everybody. We were divided into the groups and asked to prepare some stand points for one of the subjects (Convention on the Exercises of Rights of the Child, bullying and cyberbullying). Earlier Tomáš Botlík presented the stand point from last year. After couple of minutes we need to present our propositions, which were held a vote on.

At the end Tomáš Botlík thanked all the guests and lecturers of the project “Don’t let them mess with you”, both Czech and Polish. It was very nice, we felt appreciated for our work lasted one year. The gadgets form Prague will always remind us about this adventure in our live.

Although Czech project was come to an end, during our visit in Prague we made some decisions as a Polish team and decided to ask Tomas for help. First sketch of our polish adaptation is already done, so just wait for some more information! The project “Don’t let them mess with you” is more than draft, is something what we want to continue, because we believe that it can help our youth to fight and finally beat bullying.