How is Don´t let them mess with you! working in Poland?

Participants of polish group “Nie daj sobą pomiatać” are participating in project called ”Stop Bullying! A human rights based approach to tackling discrimination in schools” organized by the Amnesty International. The project is co-fund by European Commission JUST/2013/DAP/AG/5578. Stop Bullying! A human rights based approach to tackling discrimination in schools seeks to engage school communities and empower them to take action against bullying in Europe. The initiative will not only enable a deeper and informed understanding of bullying and discrimination by members of school communities, but will also empower young people to use human rights to create solutions. Recent researches in Italy, Ireland, Poland and Portugal shows how bullying is a widespread phenomenon and how it is inter-connected to the issue of discrimination. The experience of Amnesty International has taught partner Sections that a human rights based approach can be the ideal tool in tackling discrimination, violence and human rights abuses. The overall objective of this project is to reduce occurrences of bullying discrimination – through the integration of human rights in all areas of school life in Italy, Ireland, Poland and Portugal.
Since March until June 2015 polish group will organize anti-bullying programme for one of the schools in Eastern Poland.

It’s not the end of activities organized by polish group. In the end of February the group will organize workshops for their new participants who would like to join the group.

Anna Gawrońska – Polish coordinator