V4 meeting: Cyberbullying

The article has been written during the project “Don’t let them mess with you! across the border” in Prague which has been granted by International Visegrad Fund. The author is Jakub Dančo from Slovakia.

Sexting is a problem in the Czech Republic. Low informated teachers is a problem in Poland. And for all, extremism and radicalization because of influx of immigrants is a problem in Slovakia and Hungary. These are problems which young people from all Visegrad countries concluded on a workshop about cyberbullying of the project ,,Don’t let them mess with you.”

When i came to the workshop, first what I noticed was a really tall man, he must have been more than two metres high. Visually classical Czech guy – beer belly button and sandals on the feet. He introduced himself to us as Roman Máca. I immidiately knew he is a great guy and the workshop is going to be great too.

First he showed us a video called Scum, that gave us and introduction of Cyberbullying. It has been a nice emotive movie where the story end left us a big space for reflection.

After that we were speaking about what cyberbullying is and in what forms and what are the differences to normal bullying. He also gave us a good tips, how to recognize people who are bullied, how to help them and how to prevent more insults…

What I also liked was a part of the workshop, where we have been given advices how to protect our online data and what to do when our data are already misused. For instance we should watch our personal data, keep private what private really is and sometimes google ourselves. It is also recommended to have our antivirus regularly actualized or to use other protections for example locks, or pin codes…

The next activity was a groupwork, where we had to make a conclusion. Each country had to indicate the biggest problems in their country, give an example of well known case from a country, say what it is missing there and how each of us would solve these problematics as prime minister.
It was an excellent activity to express our opinions and we had a really good talk in the group.

This workshop gave me a lot of new information through a fun way of learning. On a scale one to ten, this workshop would receive a big ten from me.