NGO Project “Nenech sebou zametat!” was created at the beginning of 2011. Its goal is to informally educate kids and youth about the European Convention on the Excercise of Children’s Rights, Bullying and Cyberbullying. To achieve this, we are using workshops, where participants take active part. Also, we allow them to discuss all topics with specialists, politicians and lastly to create their own standpoints and propose measures, how to work with those particular topics.

Our workshop’s lecturers are mostly thorough-paced young people who showed deep interest in becoming a lecturer.
Each school we work with can choose their own combination of topics for their students. The EU Convention on the Excercise of Children’s Rights is introductory and compulsory part of each workshop. 
Main topics then – Bullying and Cyberbullying are optional.
School’s leadership gets all the annotations from us. In these, they learn eg. the suitability of each program for different age groups. 

By June 2013, we’ve had over 2000 workshop participants. We’ve carried out 4 trainings and 2 dilative trainings of lecturers in Prague and Ostrava. 
As of August 2013, we have 45 active lecturers. So far, workshops were held in 7 regions of the Czech Republic (Ustecky, Stredocesky, Kralovehradecky, Pardubicky, Olomoucky, Moravskoslezsky a Zlinsky). All presentations we are using were consulted with experts on particular topics (such as MuDr. Eva Vanickova – an expert on Child Abuse Prevention).

Between November 2012 and April 2013, we’ve held 6 discussions in different regions of the Czech Republic (Ustecky, Liberecky, Pardubicky, Olomoucky, Moravskoslezsky and also in the capital city Prague).
Participants were discussing topics like Cyber-bullying (CB) vs. Law, CB and Legislature, CB – the Threat of 21st Century, Bullying at school – myths and facts and lastly, Bullying – its beginnings and ends. In total, 202 participants took part in these discussions. 

In March 2012, we’ve organized a Final Conference of a first phase of our project. An important part was played by results of a questionnaire, that was implemented during our workshops at elementary and secondary schools. 
During this Conference, we went through panel discussion with various experts (above mentioned MuDr. Eva Vanickova, Jaroslav Valuch  – an expert on modern usage of ICT in NGO sector, Jana Votavova – coordinator of the National Youth Parliament and Jiri Vitek – a Telefónica O2 employee – our project mentor).

In March 2013 a second phase Final Conference, where all existing results were summed up, was held at the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Participants once again took a chance to discuss the project issues with present guests such as Zuzana Baudysova – Director of Nase Dite (Our Child) Foundation, Petr Porubsky – Supervisor at Linka Bezpeci (Safety Line Association), Lucie Benesova – Komunikujeme c.c. – project Impact of Relationship and Jiri Vitek from Telefónica O2).

We were also running three contests throughout the whole project. In the first phase, it was a video contest, where contestants were supposed to record a video based on one of project topics. Three best contributors were rewarded with a gift and the winner was featured on one of main news channels’ story on cyber-bullying. 

In the second phase, we ran both literary and a photo contest. This time, contestants were either writing a story or creating a photo story based again on one of our project topics.

At present, we are in the third phase, growing to an international level.