International cooperation

In this section you will find only information about projects, which are not only connected with the main aim of project Don ´t let them mess with you.

We are also cooperating on lot´s of international projects and we are also sending organisation for lots of participants. If you want to cooperate with us, please contact our international project coordinator.


Barbora Heresová ( ) or you can contact Tomáš Botlík ( )



This project is for European Youth journalist. We are 3 years participating on this project and we sent the participants to these meetings: September 2011- Aachen, October 2012- Cologne and July 2013 Athens. Now we are looking for participants for meeting inc November 2013 in Münster in Germany.

For more informations please contact:


Short info about project which took place in Poland in 2013.

In this exchange will participate 25 young people from Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey. The main goal of project is an answer for question – ‘Where are we going?’ in two perspectives: individual and group.

Youth will take a part in workshops about: positive psychology, art therapy, fast reading, stimulating of creativity and mikro-expression.

Thanks to the workshop, each participant will be able to learn more about yourself and gain awareness of their abilities and positives.

The next part of project is going to be discussion about needs of the public good: needs and future of European Union, minority rights and ecology.

In order to share to others the knowledge which participants will gain during the project and in order to acquire specific skills, participants will work in five international groups that create:

1. Radio Broadcast about future of European Union

2. TV programme about ecology

3. Newspaper about minority rights

4. Painting exhibition

5. Performance for children

During project we recorded instructional movie about how to create international Youth exchange ‘step by step’ according to this project.



Welcome to the “Between myth and reality” Youth Exchange. As you allready know, the project will bring together young people from different countries

(Romania, Malta, Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey). The main objectives of our project are discovering other cultures and myths, sharing experiences

between European youth organizations and cultural interaction between participants.

Besides the fascinating discovery of the myths and legends, we have planned for you interesting activities like: visiting Dracula’s castle, making handmade

items, brainstormings, workshops, debates, cultural nights , treasure hunting in Brasov, realization of an exhibition and a final show, socialisation activities

and intercultural games.

For more informations contact: